Saturday, March 2, 2013

Magnolia House Prep for Sale

February 2013 - I got a commission to prep a 4-bedroom house in the Magnolia district of Seattle from the attorney that helped me with my mother's estate.  Along with Natalie, the real estate agent that staged and sold my mother's house we made a great team for this large undertaking.

My crew and I worked for a little over 3 weeks to get ready for the open house.  Than Natalie staged every room and the result was the largest open house she had ever had and the house sold for $90K over the asking price!

You can see the before and after here on my website.

Front of House - BEFORE

Front of House - AFTER
The mailbox slot was filled with insulation and there was no opening into the house (photo below). 
  • I used "doorskin" to cover that whole panel behind the light. 
  • I found old matching house paint in the garage and once painted you never knew the mail slot was there.
  • We removed three different layers of carpeting on the front stoop and again found old matching paint to paint it.
  • Added a new porch light.
  • Took down the large Heron weathervane on top of the roof
  • Added flowers to the front yard and a large pot of flowers on the front stoop.
  • Pressure washed the brick walkway.
  • Planted flowers.

Front Door Before and After

The next photo shows the foyer/entry looking out from the stairway towards the front door.  Natalie added all the staging furniture to really make the house POP!

BEFORE: Master Bathroom:  We demolished the entire bathroom to take out the outdated plastic tub surround, old vanity, mirror and light fixtures.  Luis Felix, my contracting partner, did all the demo and framing for the new tub and mirrored cabinet.  He also put in the porcelain floor.  He also had to raise the wall above the toilet to add a little more height to put in a modern toilet.  I did the tub surround tiling and all the painting. 

Shower/Tub after Tiling

The finished bathroom

BEFORE - Master Bedroom:  The window next to the mirrorred closet doors in this photo below was missing the window sill and window framing.  Luis recreated the sill and framing to look like the other two windows in this bedroom.  The fireplace was cleaned, carpets shampooed and a new ceiling light installed.

BEFORE/AFTER- Living/Dining/Sitting Room:  These large open rooms needed a refresh of paint.  You can also see in the following pictures below that each doorway opening had decorative corner pieces that needed to be removed and the surface repaired.  There were two gold-leafed cherubs in the entrance to the sitting room as well as a couple of gold-eyed swans.  There were also plastic decorative ceiling medallions under each light fixtured that were removed and the ceiling repaired underneath them.  Natalie had her work cut out for her staging these huge, bare rooms to make it look warm and inviting.  The end picture will show mission accomplished!

Dining Room ceiling medallion
The notorious Swan sconces
Staging makes the room!