Saturday, March 2, 2013

Magnolia House Prep for Sale

February 2013 - I got a commission to prep a 4-bedroom house in the Magnolia district of Seattle from the attorney that helped me with my mother's estate.  Along with Natalie, the real estate agent that staged and sold my mother's house we made a great team for this large undertaking.

My crew and I worked for a little over 3 weeks to get ready for the open house.  Than Natalie staged every room and the result was the largest open house she had ever had and the house sold for $90K over the asking price!

You can see the before and after here on my website.

Monday, December 17, 2012

What's New - Dec. 17th, 2012

I've redone my Blog so that it works in tandem with my website a little better.

I've added some of my costume work, including how to make an Elizabethan Headdress.  You'll also find my Gingerbread creations and links to some old Gingerbread house patterns from women's magazine from 20+ years ago.  I'll be adding more things as time allows.

Explore all my listings and see if there is anything you'd like to explore further.  Hope you enjoy!

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1863 Victorian Bonnet

I took a hat making class back on April 30, 2006 from The Great Bay Area Costumer's Guild from the very talented Lynne Taylor,

Check out my website for the how-to's on making the bonnet and please feel free to come back to this blog and leave me a message or any questions.

Visit website here.

Queen Elizabeth I Gown


Since I organized a GBACG event in 2007 where Queen Elizabeth the I hosted a feast for the infamous Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O'Malley I had to get busy and make a costume.

Luckily I had a lot of fabric in my stash and spent a few weeks bringing my sketch to life.

You can visit my website here to see how I did it, what patterns I used and what the finished gown looked like.

Please feel free to come back to this blog and leave any comments or questions for me.

My Gingerbread Creations

My Gingerbread Creations

About 40 years ago I took a Gingerbread making class in Seattle.  Loved gingerbread ever since and not only did I make a few houses here and there and I also cut all patterns from women's magazines.

 Below are some of my creations as well as old patterns I have put into PDF form for anyone to enjoy (so you need to have a PDF reader to see these). 

Leave me a comment or question if you like.  If you make any of these I'd love to see a picture and I'll post them here and on my website.


Gingerbread Swan King:  I found this pattern 30+ years ago, then lost the pattern and had to recreate it.  You bake the swan's body over a small stainless steel bowl.  You can decorate as much or as little as you like.  I chose to cover the entire swan in royal icing for this version.  Click here for the PDF of the instructions and patterns on my website. 

Swiss Chalet Gingerbread House:  this is the first gingerbread house I learned how to make.  It's small and compact and doesn't take a lot of candy to decorate (unless you want to go that route). It makes a great centerpiece for your holiday table.  Click here to go to my website to download the pattern and instructions.  Just scroll down the page a bit till you see the Swiss Chalet.

Icing Church:  okay--so it's not gingerbread but its a very pretty holiday decoration.  Its pretty easy to make--just takes patience.  You pipe royal icing onto wax paper following the pattern pieces you put under the wax paper.  Click here to go to my website to download the pattern and instructions.  Just scroll down the page a bit until you see the Icing Church.

Gingerbread Dollhouse

A two-story house complete with furniture for a kitchen, living room and bedroom.  This one is a lot of fun to make but give yourself plenty of time--it's got lots of pieces.  My favorite thing is the quilt for the bed made out of Chiclets.  Click here for the pattern and instructions on my website.  Just scroll down until you see the Dollhouse.

"Chinese" Corset

Chinese Inspired Corset

Every year The Great Bay Area Costumer's Guild (San Francisco) holds an Open House where members can socialize and potential members can find out what the group is all about. There is usually a raffle with some great prizes as well.

A few years ago I made this corset as one of the prizes.  You can visit my website here to for a bit of information on the corset.  While not a complete how-to you may find it interesting as I show how to make a corset busk wrapper.

Old Gingerbread Patterns

Below are the gingerbread patterns I've collected from women's magazines over the years.  You will need to visit my website here to download the PDF files of pictures and instructions.  As I have time I will scan the rest in my stash.  Hope you enjoy them.  If you make them please send me an email with photo and I'll post here.

Here's what I have so far.

Santa's Tugboat


Gingerbread Angels

Little Gingerbread Cottage

Gingerbread Train

Santa's Workshop

Gingerbread Dream House

Elizabethan Headdress

Elizabethan Headdress

Click to enlarge
I made this headdress to go with my Queen Elizabeth I costume that I wore to The Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild "Queen Elizabeth and the Pirate" dinner in San Francisco.

Visit my website to see how I did it as well as get the pattern and illustrated instructions to create your own!  My inspiration came from the HBO special with Helen Mirren (love her!) as Bess.

You can also see photos of the event here.

Me, wearing my creation
Do come back here and leave any comments or questions.